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Practice Makes Perfect
Caribbean Blue

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  • MrAMP

    I’m so getting the Terminator reference there! XD
    And silly Tina, you can’t pull one over on your mom.

    • FrostGear

      Especially when it is in her kitchen, a chef can always tell if someone used their kitchen.

      • Samuel Singer

        this is true… when you have a passion on your kitchen and knowing full well that you put things away …. they could have and this is a stretch “possibly” got away with it… but them seeing something was wrong that just turn there senses on over drive and inspect everything… that is including remembering how they packed things away

        • Samuel Singer

          if they haven’t notice anything was going on they could have just think of it as a weird thing happen

  • Aruswrath

    I have that same super power, I’m like a damn cat who knows every nook and cranny of his own territory

  • Superphoenix

    Thats actually spooky

  • General Waylaid

    It’s elementary, my dear kitten. Megan is left handed!

    • Dragoncat

      Come to think of it… I am left-handed. When I cooked scrambled eggs, I would hold the pan with my right, and use the spatula with my left.

  • Heh, when it is your workshop, you know the place of everything and everything in its place! =^^=

  • neksuscat .

    She used her Mom Powers!